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when your friend makes a vague post and you’re worried it’s about you cause if it was it’d be true 




They say the city’s a roost for every bird.

Detective Chirpums is more than happy to disagree with that.  Almost as much as he is downing a bottle of Grackle’s Finest in one sitting.

He’s the city’s best detective.  He’s the city’s only detective.  Because someone had to.

And he’s got a new case.  It’s his only chance at paying rent for the month.  And not unlike too many of his cases, this one comes with a dame in sheep’s clothing.


You can get both the demo and the full game of Detective Chirpums here!  Compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Birds!  Noir!  Puzzles!  Hardboiled lines that never end!  Everything that’s good in the world.  It’s all in this game, which I hope you guys enjoy.

Have fun sleuthing!




ref grabs. I guess her sugar coating is her “skin,” she has a nose and everything just painted over unlike the actual skeleton characters. 

La Muerte from The Book Of Life

La Muerte (the character) is based on the Mexican Catrinas used during the Day of the Dead, and many women who dress up as the Catrina draw the nose holes on their noses like that to emulate the skull through make-up along with the colorful markings. The sugar coating on the “skin” is to show that La Muerte is made of candy, which emulates the candy skulls that are made for the festival of the Day of the Dead, and the candy skulls have those colorful markings on them as well. It’s also cool to notice the Cempasúchil flowers on her dress and hat, which are always present during the festival.

These are some of the reasons as to why I have mad respect for the details that are being given to these characters <3

Not only that but her color scheme is almost entirely the colors most used for Day of the Dead, Black, representing , the land of the dead, Pink meaning celebration, White for purity/hope, Yellow for a new day and the sun, Red for the life/blood of humans/animals, the only color missing would be purple which usually represented greif and suffering [however perhaps it was intended to be removed?]

Plus the candles placed on her sombrero is just really perfect because of the fact that candles are placed on the shrines people make for the dead in order for the dead to have easier guidance when returning

Also her dress itself is just, wow, really close to how Catrinas would be portrayed

Really great job for the character designs and the real effort and creativity put into this movie is just wowowow !!!

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Thinking you’re the best dancer there but in reality you’re just like-


Soos and the Real Girl marks my first episode storyboarding for Gravity Falls!

I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was doing back then. Thank goodness for our wonderful, hilarious director Matt Braly ( radrappy ) for being SO patient and so encouraging. Thank you Matt!!

On this episode, I board alongside the INCREDIBLE  Sabringa Cotugno ( arythusa ) and Alonso Ramirez. They’re both so insanely talented and kind. I was starstruck from day 1 and still am!

Enjoy the silly fruits of our labor!

Soos and the Real Girl premieres Monday, September 22 on Disney XD at 8:30 PM! Check your local listings!!!


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